Krones – a one stop shop

Krones – a one stop shop
9 januari 2018 CRAFT

Brewing, filling in every imaginable container, labelling, packing and intralogistics – we have it all. As one of the world’s leading companies for filling and packaging equipment we have proven the quality of machinery in all sorts of high speed applications but now we can offer the same quality and passion for small scale and low output ranges. For craft brewers a complete package of brewing, filling and packaging is available with a very attractive leasing option provided by Krones Finance and Deutsche Leasing. This reduces the startup costs without having to settle for lower quality equipment and machinery.

Details of the individual components:

The MicroCube brewing brewing equipment is available from 5HL upwards and is especially designed for the craft brewer with high quality demands. Everything that is needed for brewing is included in the scope, from the brew kettles to the utility supply and controls. Depending on size and demands, a two-vessel or three-vessel system can be delivered. The fermentation and storage tanks can easily be expanded and a variety of sizes can be chosen from. The complete system is delivered in sea-worthy containers and is installed in a matter of days without the need for welding.

The MicroLine filling lines are based on the same technology that we use in our high speed lines. A Rinser-filler-capper block with Krones counter pressure filling valves for an accurate and constant filling level. All controlled by the newest generation PLC´s and easily controllable by any operator through large size HMI´s. Container decoration is up to the wishes of any customer and can be done with cold glue labelling, self-adhesive labelling or even a combination of both. The most basic system starts with a manual infeed of the bottles into the line and packaging is done manually, but this can be expanded to a semi- or fully automatic system. It is also possible to do this in a later stage.

You brew, we worry about the rest. We do more.